DIN Rail AC/DC Adjustable Power Supply 10W 11...38V

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Hybrid power supply with classical toroidal transformer and swithching boost converter.

- Input voltage - 220V (ask for 110V version);

- Output voltage: is adjustable in wide range (from 11 to 38V DC) with multi-turn potentiometer (so needed voltage could be set quite precisely);

- Maximal output load - 10 Watt;

- Transformer usage provides full galvanical isolation from electrical grid;

- Overcurrent fuse in primary (electrical grid) circuit is present on the case of unpredictable transformer or grid problem;

- Thermal fuse is installed on the transformer on the case of overheating (not happens under normal load);

- Poli-fuse in secondary transformer circuit is present on the case of switching boost-converter problem;

- Switching Boost converter provides voltage regulation from 11 up to 38V DC with high efficiency;

- Copper-wire toroidal transformer (efficiency 90-95%) and switching module (efficiency 95-97%) keeps the total efficiency quite high;

- Size: standard DIN rail 65 mm wide enclosure (89x70x65 mm);

- Indication: 1 power on LED;

- Connection: screw connectors.

Attention: this module is intolerable to short circuit! DO NOT short circuit and DO NOT overload module above nominal.


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