Geiger Counter Module Logic Level output, 5V supply (USB Arduino Raspberry)

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Geiger counter module based on SBM-20 tube. The module demands 5V source so can be connected to Arduino, Raspberry PI or any other system with 5V (350 mA) available with no additional power supply.

The module can work in few modes:

1. USB Mode. In USB mode the device is to be connected to PC with micro USB cable. The power supply is 5V from USB in this mode (no additional power supply needed). The device will be detected in your operation system as a virtual COM port (x86 and x64 drivers available). After the connection the counter sends a byte (an ASCII symbol "*") to opened port each time when ionizating particle is detected by the tube. You can use our testing software to visualize counting. You can  also easily customize vizualization with your own software (you just need to count ASCII symbols coming via serial port per period of time). 

2. Arduino / Raspberry PI (and similar systems) mode. The counter contains "open collector" descrete output. An open collector is a type of output, which behaves like a switch that is either connected to ground or disconnected. That means you can connect the output directly to any digital pin of your Arduino / Raspberry etc. with any system voltage (1.8, 3.3 or 5V are acceptable), previously configuring it as an input with pull-up resistor. While most of time the high level is expected to be on that pin (high level of your board voltage), it will be turned to low level when a particle is registered by counter during 50 ms time period. In this mode your Arduino / Raspberry firmware is expected to count those low level 50 ms pulses (particles) per period of time and converting it to the needed radioactivity units. An example of Arduino sketch will be shared if demanded.

3. Standalone mode. As soon as the module contains open collector descrete output, an LED and/or a buzzer can be connected to it for standalone indication without usage of additional microcontroller. The maximal output current is 50 mA so use transistor if the load (LED, buzzer etc) consumes more.

Attention! Geiger tube is supplied with high voltage! Be careful using it!

Size: 23x36x136 mm

Indication: 1 power on LED

Interfaces: USB, logic level descrete output.

Power supply: 5V 0.35A.

Connection: micro USB, dupont male.

Virtual COM baudrate: 9600.

Port settings: 8n1.

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