USB Relay 10 channels


Out of production. Manufacturing under the order is possible.

The module’s purpose is automation and control of different electrical devices using PC.

- Connection: screw connectors for each channel (“nc” – normally closed, “no” – normally open, middle – common pin);

- Connection to PC: USB B (“printer”) cable (cable not included);

- Power supply: normally the module doesn’t need any power supply except USB. Use additional (5V only!) power supply only in the case you have weak USB;

- Relay voltage and current limits: 3A, 250VAC / 30VDC;

- Size: 93x99x17 mm

- Software: link to the driver and software will be sent along with the device. In the default software on/off buttons can be used manually for each channel as well as you can set timers for turning each channel on and off separately at particular time of day (with accuracy of 1 second);

- Using own software: manually you can turn relays on and off using any terminal program or you can develop own software (data exchange demands using virtual COM-port with 9600 baud rate; for controlling relays just send to port ASCII symbols according to relays indexes).


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