USB to DALI Master Converter (built-in 16V DALI line power supply)


Important (!): this device (and software) is not recommended for entry level installation. Its usage expects you to be advanced and clearly understand DALI protocol.

The device works via USB allowing sending commands into DALI device/network and reading data from DALI line. The main usage purpose - configuring DALI settings.

Built-in boost converter allows to supply DALI line with required 16V (current-limited) directly from USB so no additional power supply needed for fast connection and configuration. We do not recommend this source for long usage though (while supplied from USB the DALI device is not galvanically isolated from USB).

We provide software (Windows) to work with the device, though the protocol is open so you can build your own software if needed (the device works as gateaway exchanging data with DALI via Modbus RTU over Virtual COM Port).

We send links to download driver, software and pdf description with examples along with the device.

 Size: 27x100 mm.  

 Indication: “power on” LED, “DALI transmission” LED, “DALI line power on” LED.

 Power supply and consumption: USB 5V 50mA (DALI supplied separately) or USB 5V 600mA (DALI line supplied from USB).

 DALI line: optically isolated (not when supplied from USB).

 Optical isolation / DALI power supply from USB: choice by jumpers (look at photos).

 Connection: USB, DALI: D+, D- screw connectors (DALI polarity is not critical).

 Modbus address: (can be changed by Modbus command) 0...255 (default address: 0x01).

 Link to download driver, software and description with examples will be send with the converter.


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