Modbus - DALI Interface Converter (gateway)


The purpose of converter is integration of DALI standard devices (lighting and other) into systems controlled over Modbus RTU protocol (from PLC/PC etc).

The module works as a “transparent” gateway allowing sending commands from RS-485 Modbus RTU line into DALI network and reading data from DALI network via Modbus RTU.

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Protocol description

According to DIN EN 60929 standard, each DALI frame consists of address and command (2 bytes in total). In the module, sending data to DALI network is being done with writing needed DALI parcel (2 bytes) to the special register of the module with standard Modbus RTU command. Meanwhile DALI network is permanently scanned by the module and each new command (message) coming through the DALI network is read and stored to another special register of the module (from where it can be read by Modbus RTU “read holding register” command).

  • Size: standard DIN rail 35 mm wide enclosure (89x65x35 mm).
  • Commands: standard Modbus RTU commands “write holding register” (write 2 bytes to DALI line), read holding register (read the recent 2 bytes come through DALI line), change Modbus baudrate, set Modbus module address.
  • Indication: “power on” LED, “DALI transmission” LED, “DALI line power on” LED.
  • Power supply and consumption: 12V 50mA (please, do not forget DALI line demands separate power source).
  • DALI line: optically isolated
  • Memory: non-volatile memory chip for Modbus settings.
  • Connection: screw connectors.
  • Modbus address: (can be changed by Modbus command) 0...255 (default address: 0x01).
  • Baudrate: (can be changed by Modbus command) 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 28800, 38400, 56000, 57600, 115200, 128000, 256000 (default is 9600).
  • Serial settings: 8n1


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