12V LED Dimmer Modbus RTU RS485 / key (DIN Rail)

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Protocol description

The module can be operated remotely with RS485 line (up to more than 1 km long) via standard Modbus RTU commands as well as it can work as a standalone dimmer operated with a key (switch).

Switch functions: The LED brightness (PWM level) can be set with a long press: press the key (switch) and keep it pressed till the moment the brightness is on needed level, then release the key to save that level. Short key press - ON/OFF function. The on and off processes are provided with smoothness and that parameter can be set via Modbus command from 0 to 255 sec (default is 5 sec smooth PWM change from one state to another (on-off or off-on))

  • Modbus functions: set PWM level (from 0 to 100% with 0.1% step), read current PWM levelchange port baud rate, set module address.
  • Size: standard DIN rail 51 mm wide enclosure (51x116(including connectors)x68 mm).
  • Indication: 1 built-in power on LED.
  • Load: The maximal short-term load - not more than 110W (12V 9A), permanent load depends on the load itself and PWM level. The device contains aluminum radiator, though placed inside the plastic box so we strongly recommend not to connect maximal load in order to avoid overheating. 
  • Power supply/power consumption: voltage - 12V, current - 50mA (module consumption) plus current needed to fead connected load.
  • Memory: non-volatile memory chip for settings.
  • Connection: screw connectors.
  • Modbus address: (can be changed by Modbus command) 0...255 (default address: 0x01).
  • Baud rate: (can be changed by Modbus command) 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 28800, 38400, 56000, 57600, 115200, 128000, 256000 (default is 9600).
  • Port settings: 8n1
  • Manual and testing software: the links to download will be sent along with the module.


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