24 25 flash eeprom programmer adapter DIP, SOIC, BGA, DFN, QFN, SOT, SOP 3.3/1.8


The purpose of this adapter is simplifying connection of 24 and 25 series memory chips in different packages to any programmer (cheap CH341 is mostly used) with standard 8-pin cable.
DIP chips can be just connected to sockets and surface packages can be soldered as well as just pressed to PCB while being programmed.
Built-in 2-ways level shifter makes it possible to program chips with both 3.3v and 1.8v levels (jumper selection).
The second PCB on cable has DIP8-like connector making it possible to connect cable to any programmer with ZIF or DIP socket.The cable will be sent along with adapter.
Attention!: programmer is not included! Pictures with CH341 programmer in description are obliged to show the example of connection.


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